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Christian crexell

Christian Creixell

Creixell, C.
Cargo: Geólogo de proyectos
Año de ingreso a Sernageomin 2008
Áreas de especialización e interés:

Geología Regional, geotectónica, geocronología, geoquímica, Antropoceno.

Proyectos Actuales

  • Geología del área Concepción-Talcahuano
  • Mapa Geológico 1:500.000 del Norte de Chile

Principales publicaciones en revistas y congresos

  • Creixell, C.; Oliveros, V.; Vásquez, P.; Navarro, J.; Vallejos, D.; Valin, X.; Godoy, E.; Ducea, M.N. 2016. 2. Geodynamics of the Late Carboniferous-Early Permian forearc in north Chile (28º30-29º30’ S). Journal of the Geological Society of London, 173, 757-772.
  • Echaurren, A.; Oliveros, V.; Folguera, A.; Ibarra, F.; Creixell, C.; Lucassen, F. 2017. Early Andean tectonomagmatic stages in north Patagonia: insights from field and geochemical data. Journal of the Geological Society of London,
  • Coloma, F.; Valin, X.; Oliveros, V.; Vásquez, P.; Creixell, C.; Salazar, E.; Ducea, M. 2017. Geochemsitry of Permian to Triassic igneous rocks from northern Chile (28º-30º15’ S): Implications on the dynamics of the proto-Andean margin. Andean Geology. Vol. 44, n° 2, 147-178.
  • Giambiagi, L.; Alvarez, P.; Creixell, C.; Mardonez, D.; Murillo, I.; Velasquez, R.; Lossada, A.; Suriano, J.; Mescua, J.; Barrionuevo, M. 2017. Cenozoic shift from compression to strike-slip stress regime in the high Andes at 30°S, during the shallowing of the slab: Implications for the El Indio/Tambo mineral district: Change in the stress field in the Andes. Tectonics, Vol. 36, 2714-2735.
  • Lossada, A., Giambiagi, L., Hoke, G., Fitzgerald, P., Creixell, C., Murillo, I., Mardonez, D., Velasquez, R., Suriano, J. 2017. Thermochronologic Evidence for Late Eocene Andean Mountain Building at 30°S. Tectonics, Vol. 36, 2693-2713.
  • Gonzalez, J., Oliveros, V., Creixell, C., Velásquez, R., Vásquez, P., Lucassen, F. 2018. The Triassic magmatism and its relation with the Pre-Andean tectonic evolution: Geochemical and petrographic constrains from the High Andes of north central Chile (29°30’ – 30°S). Journal of South American Earth Sciences. Vol. 87, 95-112.
  • Espinoza, M.; Montecino, D.; Oliveros, V.; Astudillo, N.; Vásquez, P.; Reyes, R.; Celis, C.; González, R.; Contreras, I.; Creixell, C.; Martinez, A. 2019. The synrift phase of the Early Domeyko Basin (Triassic, northern Chile): sedimentary, volcanic, and tectonic interplay in the evolution of an ancient subduction-related rift basin. Basin Research Vol. 31, 4-32.
  • Díaz-Alvarado, J.; Galaz, G.; Oliveros, V.; Creixell, C.; Calderón, M. 2019. Fragments of the late Paleozoic accretionary complex in central and northern Chile: similarities and differences as a key to decipher the complexity of the late Paleozoic to Triassic early andean events. In: Andean Tectonics (Horton, B. and Folguera, A. eds.). Springer, pp: 509-530.
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  • Mardonez, D.; Suriano, J.; Giambiagi, L.; Mescua, J.; Lossada, A.; Creixell, C.; Murillo, I. 2020. The Jachal river cross-section revisited (Andes of Argentina, 30° S): Constraints from the chronology and geometry of Neogene synorogenic deposits. Journal of South American earth Sciences Vol. 104: 102838.
  • Salazar, E.; Vasquez, P.; Vallejos, D.; Creixell, C.; Oliveros, V.; Ducea, M. 2020. Stratigraphic and provenance analysis of Triassic rock units between 28-29° S, northern Chile: implications on the tectonic and paleogeographic evolution of the southwestern margin of Gondwana. Andean Geology Vol. 47 (2): 207-255.
  • Creixell, C.; Fuentes, J.; Bierma, H.; Salazar, E. 2020. Tectonic setting of Cretaceous porphyry copper belts of northern Chile (28°-30° S) and its relation with magmatic evolution and metallogeny. Andean Geology Vol. 47: 469-507.
  • Creixell, C.; Sepúlveda, F.; Alvarez, J.; Vasquez, P.; Velasquez, R. 2021. The Carboniferous onset of subduction at SW Gondwana revisited: Sedimentation and deformation processes along the late Paleozoic forearc of north Chile (21°-33° S). Journal of South American earth Sciences Vol. 107 (B5): 103149.
  • Salazar, E.; Mpodozis, C.; Alvarez, J.; Creixell, C. 2022. Comment to Hervé et al. (2020) “U–Pb SHRIMP detrital zircon dating of metamorphic rocks in north-central Chile (28°–33°S): Evidence for Carboniferous and Triassic metamorphism in a subduction setting”. Journal of South American Earth Sciences, Vol. 118, 103306.
  • Del Real, I.; Allmendinger, R.; Thompson, J.; Creixell. C. En prensa. Evidence for transpression during formation of the Candelaria Punta del Cobre IOCG -district and regional implications Journal of South American Earth Sciences.

Experiencia profesional

  • 2007: Geólogo de Proyectos, Exploración Geotérmica El Tatio y Laguna del Maule, Universidad de Chile-ENG
  • 2008-2015: Geólogo de Proyectos, Unidad de Geología Regional, Jefe de Proyectos región de Atacama y Coquimbo, SERNAGEOMIN.
  • 2015-2016: Encargado Unidad de Geología Isotópica, Depto. Laboratorios de SERNAGEOMIN.
  • 2017-2022: Encargado Unidad de Geología Regional, Departamento Geología General, SERNAGEOMIN:

Estudios (Títulos y grados)

  • 2001: Geólogo, Universidad de Concepción
  • 2007: Doctor en Ciencias mención Geología, Universidad de Chile