This new map service will allow you to dynamically access in a geospatial format the National Geological Mapping Program relative content products published and in development by its professional team. Through the use of the available tools on this new platform, you will be able to display the content location through the "grids" geographical distribution, at different scales (1:100,000 and 1:250,000; defined by the Geographic Military Institute of Chile, called "sheets" and "nappes", respectively), used for mapmaking elaboration.

Select a theme: Regional Geology, Geochemistry or Geophysics, and the available content for each theme will be displayed. Green results show the published products, while yellow results are in development.

As well as the link, you can access the product information from a pop-up window that will take you to the available related resource, where documents, maps, databases and/or GIS products (depending on the type of searched product) are found. There you can download some products for free or purchase others from the E-Maps platform.

Moreover, in this viewer you will find georeferenced scientific papers and conference summaries published by PNG professionals in the past few years (located in an approximate geographical position regarding the content).

For further information, on the website you can review the Products and Projects en sus respectivas secciones en la página web y, en la sección de Multimedia, descargar una base de datos con ambos listados completos. De la misma forma, puedes descargar el listado de publicaciones científicas here and the conference summaries here. For the summaries, the databases include the links to the publishing houses and for their download.

If you wish to do an advanced search and access more geological content themes, with online tools you can access the official SERNAGEOMIN website, Portal GEOMIN.