Project file

Geology of the northern part of the Navarino Island, Magallanes and Chilean Antartic Region

Project information

  • Estimated year of publication 2021
  • Unit/Program Regional Geology Unit
  • Region Región de Magallanes y la Antártica Chilena.
  • Professionals Duhart, P.; Salazar, E.; Velásquez, R.; Opazo, E.
Key words

Estratigrafía, Geocronología, Mesozoico, Andes Australes.

Overall Aim

To update the geological knowledge of the Navarino Island and to determine the Mesozoic geological evolution in the southern Andes.

Specific objectives

  • To compile the geological knowledge of the territory.
  • To determine the geological evolution of this portion of the territory on the basis of stratigraphy updating and new geochronological and paleontological data.
  • To determine the geo-heritage value of the Navarino Island by valorizing the places of geological interest.
  • To determine geological hazard areas due to mass removal.

Expected products

Technical Report.

Project foundation

Chilean territory, from tip to toes, requires updated geological and tectonic information due to their strategic geopolitical significance and foreign affairs, and high geo-tourist potential. Therefore, it requires updated basic and applied geological information, to be used by authorities in the decision-making related to, among others, its eventual touristic development. A proper geological and evolutionary knowledge of the landscape can also contribute with scientific arguments regarding the position of Chile in relation to its territorial extension. This project will provide basic and thematic geologic knowledge in the geo-heritage and geological hazard areas.