Project file

San Fernando-Curicó Geological Sheet, O´Higgins Region

Project information

  • Estimated year of publication 2021
  • Unit/Program Regional Geology Unit
  • Region Región del Libertador General Bernardo O’Higgins.
  • Professionals Contreras, J.P.; Schilling, M.; Ortega, C.
Key words

Geología Básica, San Fernando, Curicó

Overall Aim

To elaborate a geological mapping of the San Fernando-Curicó geological sheet (34°30' - 35º00’ S and 70°45’-71°15´W).

Specific objectives

To elaborate and publish a geological map and geological profile at scale 1:100.000. Will be included an explanatory text with the geological unit characteristics and observations about structural evolution and mineral resources.

Expected products

Technical report "Geología del área San Fernando-Curicó” and map, scale 1:100.000

Project foundation

All the information contained in this technical report was generated between 2009 and 2012, with the main objective of elaborating the geological map “Geology of San Fernando-Curicó area” at scale 1:100.000, in the Basic Geology Series of Chile. The development of this map was framed on the institutional initiative “Geological Cartography Program for the Central Depression Belt (33°-43°30´S)”, developed prior to the National Geological Mapping Program. With the generation of these maps we pretend to contribute to the territorial ordering of the most densely populated area of the country and with a high farming production, in addition to improving the understanding of the different geological processes that result in the formation of the Andes, including the Coastal and Main Cordillera and the Central Depression.

The authors consider it important to publish this information as soon as possible, as it is useful for the territorial ordering of this highly populated area, where the basic geological maps are quite old and have restricted coverage. In the medium-term future, it is planned to update this information and publish it following the current editorial standards of the Basic Geology Series of the National Geology and Mining Service.