Project file

Gravimetría de la Hoja Constitución, región del Maule. Escala 1:250.000

Project information

  • Estimated year of publication 2021
  • Unit/Program Geophysics
  • Region Región del Maule.
  • Professionals D. Morales
Key words

Gravimetría, Carta Constitución, Geofísica.

Overall Aim

To elaborate a gravimetric map corresponding to the Constitución sheet, scale 1:250,000.

Specific objectives

- To perform the gravimetric surveys of the study zone (GNSS and gravity data).
- To process and obtain gravimetric anomalies.
- To elaborate a map and a technical report.

Expected products

"Gravimetry of the Constitución sheet", scale 1:250,000: map and descriptive report.

Project foundation

To provide information to a zone, with scarce public gravimetric information, in presence of hydrographic basins and high-water demand and drought issues. The gravimetric information will also help as significant database to contribute to subsequent studies in the different geoscience sub-disciplines.