Project file

Pisco Elqui - Río La Gloría and Paso del Agua Negra geological sheet, Coquimbo Region 

Project information

  • Estimated year of publication 2021
  • Unit/Program Regional Geology Unit
  • Region Región de Coquimbo.
  • Professionals Ortiz, M.; Velásquez, R.; Coloma, F.; Murillo, I.; Merino, R.
Key words

Carta Geológica, Geología Regional, Pisco Elqui - río La Gloria y Paso del Agua Negra

Overall Aim

To elaborate an updated geological mapping of the Pisco Elqui - Río La Gloria and Paso del Agua Negra geological sheet (30°00' - 30º30’ S and 70°30’W - border), scale 1:100,000, in digital format.

Specific objectives

  • To elaborate and publish a geological map, scale 1:100,000, with a schematic profile and geological legend, accompanied by an explanatory text where the geological unit characteristics and the analyzed obtained data are summarized.
  • To update the previous mapping, scale 1:250,000, of the Frontal Cordillera and refine the stratigraphic and lithodemic framework, by stratigraphic columns and numerous U-Pb and Ar/Ar dating.
  • To improve the mapping of recent deposits with special emphasis in the cryogenic environment.

Expected products

“Geología de las áreas Pisco Elqui - Río La Gloria y Paso del Agua Negra” geological sheet, at a scale of 1:100,000, including a geological map and a report.

Project foundation

During the development of the National Geological Mapping Program (NGMP), the geology of the Andes mountain range from the South of Atacama and Coquimbo regions have received key interest, new geological sheets at a scale of 1:100,000 have been published, and a large amount of radiometric dating has been performed. This new knoledge allow us to improve the cartography of the geological units. This project constitutes the penultimate sheet from a series of publications covering from 28° to 31°S.