Project file

Sediment geochemistry of the Copiapó sheet, Atacama Region

Project information

  • Estimated year of publication 2021
  • Unit/Program Geochemistry Unit
  • Region Atacama Region
  • Professionals Lacassie, J. P.; Astudillo, F.; Castro, R.; Oliva, P.
Key words

Base de datos geoquímicos, Hoja Copiapó, Geoquímica.

Overall Aim

To provide the community with territorial information in environmental and economic terms. To generate the product Sediment geochemistry of the Copiapó sheet in the standardized format of the Geochemical Unit, using the geological and geochemical obtained data.

Specific objectives

  • To generate a geochemical database with the standardized format of the Geochemistry Unit.
  • To generate a report complementary to the geochemical database, with the standardized format of the Geochemical Unit, including methodology and quality control aspects.
  • To generate the needed annexed information for this kind of product, including an Annex of field Photographs.

Expected products

Geochemical Database

Project foundation

This product will put at the disposal of the public an expert interpretation of the multi-element geochemical information of the Copiapó sheet. This information is relevant for the following aspects:

  1. To evaluate the environmental quality of the Copiapó sheet, to determine potential contamination sources, and to design monitoring plans;
  2. To evaluate the presence of new prospective zones in the Copiapó sheet and along the metallogenic belts from the North of Chile.