Our Team

The General Geology Department is one of the three departments that provide geoscientific information about the SERNAGEOMIN National Sub-direction of Geology (the other two departments are Applied Geology Department and the National Network of Volcano Monitoring Department). Our team is made of by professionals for various geoscientific areas (geologist, geophysicists, paleontologists, geographers, cartographers, and surveyors) complemented with an administrative technical team (secretaries and administrative analysts).

Most part of the team is located in Santiago at the SERNAGEOMIN headquarters and its Laboratory dependencies, while some of our professionals work at the Puerto Varas Technique Office and in the city of Valvidia at the Los Ríos Regional Office.

The team is made up in the following way:

Professional Team:
  • 47 Geocientistas: 35 geólogas y geólogos, 4 geofísicas y geofísicos, 1 paleontólogo, 7 analistas SIG
  • 3 administrativas.
34% have a postgraduate degree

19% with a PhD and 15% with a Master of Science.

Administrative Team: 3 profesionales
Men and women ratio = 4:1
11 mujeres, 39 hombres
Regional Geology Unit

31 geólogas y geólogos

Geophysical Unit

4 geophysicists

Geochemical Unit

4 geologists

Palaeontologic and Biochronology Section

1 paleontologist

Microscopes Room

1 geologist

SIG Analysts

7 profesionales (cartógrafas y cartógrafos, geógrafos, geomensores)