GIS Analysts Team

The team consists of six geoscience specialized professionals, whose main task is to elaborate the mapping, including all intermediate phases, and whose final results are the mapping products published by the National Geological Mapping Program technique units.

All the geological information generated by the specialist teams is collected and managed by an institutional database in GdB format for its subsequent publishing as a database and/or mapping.


  • To raise the mapping information on the GIS digital platform.
  • To interpret and analyze the information to sustain the geological maps development.
  • To elaborate digital geological mapping.
  • To give support on systematic issues of geographic information systems, databases, satellite images and mapping.
  • To systematize the collected information from the different information sources.
  • To manage databases.
  • To perform a quality control of digital mapping products for their content editing and later publishing.
  • To provide technical tutoring.



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